5 hp ran last spring. Needs belt.
% Buff Orpington; 5 Americana born in March of this year. Started their egg laying career 26- 30 weeks later. We are relocating and I can't take them with me.
We are a private family farm with few horses of our own. Can offer very nice accomadations for retired or any type of horse, private paddocks, or dry paddocks for founder prone horses or easy keeper horses. Or pasture with timothy broane orchard grass. Box stalls - standing stall optional with board. 24-7 always to take care of your horse during your vacations or just temp. or for summer boardi...
WTB - horse hay for aged few horses. Hay must be free of dust and mold, with no chemicals to green up the hay, etc. Interested in mostly GRASS SQUARE HAY - possible consider round bale with no weeds in nice broane or timothy, orchard. Not interested in Canary hay. Hay must be palatable, with little to NO WEEDS. Will consider possible mix of small percentage of alfalfa in bales. Can pick u...
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